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Automotive Digital Marketing: What is the importance of Local SEO?

Most automotive dealers have advanced into the new generation of selling using digital marketing, while not all have fully utilized the advantages of Local SEO. We will discuss the three main areas of Local SEO; Google Business Profiles, Local Schema, and Citation Building.

Here at Local Dealer, we offer free tools and suggestions, but like most clients, they have too much on their plate to keep up with the SEO world. For assistance or questions about our Robust SEO packages, contact us directly here.

Automotive Digital Marketing: Google Business Profile

Unsurprisingly, about 93% of all internet searches are through Google. Everyone understands the importance of a Google Business Profile by now, but here are four tips to increase your profile’s performance.

Be as descriptive as possible

If your completing your profile for the first time, take the time to complete everything with as much as Google allows. If you have a profile already, review what you have now. While selecting Business Category, choose as many services that you offer. If you are a Chevrolet Dealer, make that your primary category and add additional that may apply. Search variations of services you provide and put them as secondary services. Listing multiple services will help you appear for those services in local searches and be seen more often.

Under the description part of the profile, you have 750 characters to put your dealership’s best foot forward. Your description is your chance to create a first impression and rank higher when someone searches for a local service. Use keywords in the description for what you want to be seen and include geographical terms. Example: “…largest Ford dealership in the Tri-State area servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.” While there is an area to select a service area, the geographical term we added was the Tri-State area.

Google reviews

Reviews are an easy part to manage as almost everyone knows how to read and write a review. If you still need to keep up on how to address reviews, which is now becoming common knowledge, we will dive deeper. Address every review positively and validate their comments, not just the bad but the good ones too. Readers of reviews are no longer interested in reading the gossip or focusing on one bad review. Readers are looking for patterns. Did they acknowledge the issue? Did they resolve the problem?

Why are reviews critical in Local SEO? Reviews affect how you rank on local services. The matrix Google uses is pretty clear by combining quantity, and the average score determines where you are placed in local services. Some businesses may appear before you even if you have ten perfect 5-star reviews. If your competitor has a 4.3 rating but hundreds of reviews, they will appear ahead of you in local services. Google wants to stay relevant; quantity wins this time.

Automotive Digital Marketing – Updates, offers, and products in your Google Business Profile

You can advertise products and offers and keep your customers updated on what’s happening, which doesn’t cost anything. While many dealerships use this tool, updating your offers and posts several times monthly is essential. Use posts with products or services that your viewers may interact with. Google wants to stay relevant.

Google Business Profile – Verify the information

At times Google’s AI will update your information to the point of relocating your business. Review the data every month to make sure it is accurate. Because users can post photos, check the images, and ensure they are correct. Google will have notifications, review them monthly, and if any of their suggestions can help complete your profile, update it.

google business profile


Automotive Digital Marketing – Local Schema

Local Schema is a significant factor in SEO. Local Schema is a structured data markup code that tells Google who you are. It tells google what kind of business you are and what you do. While most platforms generate your
Local Schema for you, verify the information is correct, update the data, or complete it for the first time. Every platform has a different way of updating this information. Check your Local Schema by entering your URL at Schema.org

Automotive Digital Marketing- Citation Building

While citation building sounds so much more complicated than it is, it’s another way of saying get yourself listed with other companies like Yelp, CitySearch, foursquare, MerchantCircle, and eLocal. While your website might not appear in the first three spots in search results, your Yelp profile may appear first.

Automotive Digital Marketing- Final Words

While most Local SEO may seem complicated, it is most time-consuming than anything. Automotive Digital Marketing through Local SEO is one of the most incredible things you can do for credibility through Google’s crazy matrix of SEO and in the eyes of your future customer. Schedule a Demo with us here, and we can customize an SEO package to handle all your Automotive Digital Marketing needs. Schedule now. 

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