TikTok Marketing For Your Dealership

TikTok Marketing For Your Dealership

The ultra-popular short-form video platform TikTok presents untapped opportunities for car dealerships aiming to reach new demographics through social entertainment, engagement and viral trends. This extensive guide examines key benefits TikTok offers alongside proven examples, best practices and content ideas to grow your dealership’s presence.

What is TikTok?

TikTok serves as the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos packed with creativity, humor and discoverability. The swipe-friendly platform allows uploading brief 15 to 60-second video clips viewable through algorithmically-curated For You feeds matching viewer interests or hash-tagged themes.

TikTok’s Massive Audience

With over 1 billion monthly active accounts globally, TikTok presents massive reach – especially amongst younger demographics. 41% of users fall between ages 18 and 24 while another 28% represent ages 25 to 34 – making it a must for youth-focused marketing.

Short, Entertaining Content Reigns

Music-synced montages, sketch comedy, lip-syncs, life hacks and meme fodder dominate TikTok. Hashtags glue niche interest communities as creative videos receive extensive visibility via shares, Stitch video responses and influencer reactions known as Duets.

How TikTok Can Work for Your Dealership

Many auto dealerships overlook TikTok still due to misperceptions around content suitability and limitations for conservative industries. However, creative education, engagement and promotion prove highly effective.

Educate Through Quick Tips

Post short videos providing quick education for drivers around vehicle maintenance, operational explanations and insider car buying tips from dealership experts.

Engage Through Responses

Answer audience questions received in comments or via Duet reactions responding back to initial videos. This community interaction helps humanize dealerships through insight and entertainment.

Promote With Creative CTAs

Produce fun sketch videos guiding viewers towards sales offers or vehicle launches through links in bios, hashtags or video captions. Comedy helps communication cut through the noise.

Dealership TikTok Content Ideas

Brainstorming creative concepts tailored to TikTok’s fast-paced tastes proves essential for auto dealers instead of repurposing existing obsolete commercials. We’ve compiled top content format ideas gaining traction in early dealer adoption.

Vehicle Spotlights

Create striking visual stories uniquely showing off latest inventory models and options through quick cuts, text/graphic pops and music energy.

Effects Videos

Leverage TikTok’s Special Effects toolkit to magically transition vehicle makes/models, add illusion animations or integrate augmented reality objects into clever scenes.

Responses to Reviews

Capture reaction videos answering questions within online customer reviews or initial video comments with additional details in cheeky/fun sketch form.

Behind-the-Scenes Looks

Provide glimpse of dealership daily life highlighting interesting service bay repairs, new tech being used or friendly team interactions through brief vignettes.

Video Series Hooks

Serialized video storylines entice episodic tune-ins like following a specific unit’s full service process or the saga behind employee prank wars.

Using Social Media for Your Dealership

While historically dependent mainly upon traditional advertising mediums like radio, print and television, auto dealerships ignoring key digital platforms lose out on crucial customer mindshare and impressions amongst tech-centric demographics.

90% of car buyers today conduct online research first prior to ever stepping foot into showrooms. An absence on key social networks creates gaps quickly filled by savvy competitors capitalizing through engagement.

YouTube Walkarounds

Detailed video walkarounds pointing out nuanced features remain highly sought during initial model consideration stages. Position brands as valuable informational resources upfront through owned media.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Dynamic automotive product catalog feeds pair with pixel tracking for serving highly-targeted Facebook/Instagram advertisements precisely matching recent website browsing to nudge conversions.

Twitter Link Earning

Earn media through sharing useful evergreen content driving website clicks and bookmark saves. Auto post compelling articles using buffer scheduling spikes consistent organic interlinking traffic.

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